Sunday, August 11, 2013


We are almost done the trip and I haven't written a blog post on the trip yet. So I am here by officially announcing that I will not be writing any blog posts on here regarding trip details or my personal experience on the trip.

If you are reading this, you are obviously wondering about the trip. Message me or any of the guys on facebook or twitter (link's are on our website), and we will answer any questions you may have! Also check out the billion pictures on out facebook group "EPIC Riders".

In the mean time, here's a picture of me with ice cream



Friday, February 8, 2013

Well its a SNOW DAY... but that's not the only reason today is awesome.....  WE RELEASE OUR NEW PROMO VIDEO AT 12AM SHARP! Be ready to watch it and hear from the whole EPIC team as well as RIGHT FROM RATANAK THEMSELVES! It will truly be an EPIC launch!

In other news, fundraising has started! We already have some money in, but need a LOT more help to reach our goal. If you see a member of the team and want to donate a few dollars, feel free to give it to them! However if you want to donate from the comfort of your home, visit the DONATION page on and follow the instructions! (Tax receipts are available for online donations)

We have lots of planning to do yet so no more slacking! Its time to git r' dun'! In fact, as part of my training I just bought an indoor trainer so I can ride in my basement as I watch TV or play some Skyrim! I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious... (no Napoleon Dynamite reference intended..... okay maybe a little bit...) Oh and its a new semester as well! I have lucked out with my schedule! Once it gets less snowy out, I will be able to do a 60-70km ride in the morning and still get to school before lunch is over!I'm super stoked about this!















Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hey I'm going to blog about whatever I want! ... just because it's the new year! So if I talk about something you find interesting, I ask that you would visit However if you do not find anything I say interesting , I ask that you would visit Now that about sums up stuff... other than that, if you either found some, all or none of this interesting I ask that you would visit and help free Exploited People In Cambodia! Lets be EPIC.

Smooth Roads,


Monday, November 19, 2012

BACK TO THE FUTURE... well.... present.

Holy smokes, just read my last post and it was a major blast from the past! I had plans of doing a loooooad of cycling in the summer however, through a creative scenario (on a bike I should add) I broke my right clavicle (collar bone). Soooo yeah I didn't get to really bike at all too much because two surgeries and one whole summer later I was just getting well enough to ride, and then school started. Lame.

There have been many huge changes, and I'd be here till we leave if I try to talk about them all, so instead I would just invite you to make your way to our EPIC Riders website where you can find all the information you may want to know! We just updated everything so its fresh and new! Like new linens on the bed.... but less comfortable if you try to sleep on it... so I don't recommend it.

If you still cant find something on the site, feel free to send me an email at or visit the Contact Us page on our website to contact other members.

Thanks for the support,

Evan, Team Encourager

Sunday, April 29, 2012

EPIC re-re-cap

Sorry for the delay in posts everyone, I've been crazy busy with sports and school. Right now I'm working on getting our "Kilometers for Freedom" fundraiser up and going! There will be a larger release at a later date once  it's all set up. However, here's a sneak peek! With an end goal of $50,000 for this fundraiser, we will be 'selling kilometers'. How will this work you ask? Simple. Once we have our set rout, we will take the distance and divide our goal by that, this will give us a price per kilometer, and we will then sell the kilometers! Kilometers can be purchased by submitting your money, and we will let you know what Kilometer number or numbers you purchased. Then, at the end of each day on our trip, we will update our trip blog with the kilometers we rode that day, so you will know exactly when we rode in appreciation of your support. Again, stay tuned to our blogs, our website and our EPIC Riders group on facebook, for further information, and the price of a kilometer.

In other news... Training time unfortunately been minimal but I will be going out very soon to get some more time in! I was going to go out today since it is so lovely out.... but decided you were more important! I will be meeting with my managers sometime in the near future to organize my work schedule for the summer so I have lots of time to get out riding! I want to double my summer biking distance that I set last year.

Our current team status is four riders with the recent loss of our driver, so if you or someone you know would be interested in partaking of this EPIC trip as the most EPIC driver around, let us know this will be a crucial roll on the team and is needed to make this endeavor successful.

Last but not least, please be praying for the whole team! The organization of this is not easy, especially for our mastermind Ben! We all have school and are doing our best, but we could use all the help we can get!

Evan Redka

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Pictures for ya'll!

Wow I am a terrible person. I haven't updated ya'll in a while! So here's how things sit.
- Summer riding... AWESOME logged loads of km's
- Ride for Refuge, going down this saturday Oct. 1st. Fundraising goal has been raised.
- Bike condition... mediocre. Blew a tube a few km's from home last week. Got a good walk though!                  Looking into new grip tape for my bars, my current stuff has just about fallen off.
- My EPIC CHANGE BOX has accumulated nearly $350 of pocket change that I have been throwing in since the beginning of my time with the EPIC team
- Still on fire for Invisible Children
- Rarely updating blog, but still working hard elsewhere!
- School... Gr11!
- Volleyball every day after school
- Drivers training twice a week
- Biking whenever possible between everything else!

Well with fall and ultimately winter on the horizon I am looking into cold weather and winter riding but have to clue where to start. Any tips on keeping warm, equipment to keep me safe, or parts to maintain my bike in the harsh weather would be awesome and you can send them to me at
Evan Redka